Heroes Academy: Introduction to Python, Fall 2016

Course Description

Computing technology has integrated itself into every aspect of our lives. In this course, we will tour through one of the most popular programming languages: Python. Python is used at companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple to accomplish a huge variety of tasks. Its versatility, similarity to the English language, and large community support make it one of the best programming languages for learning.

This course will cover the basics of problem solving with Python. We will cover standard data types, loops, conditional statements, functions, and classes. Students will not only learn the basics of syntax, but also how to solve problems with programming. The course will prepare students to move forward to more complex topics at Heroes Academy, or dive into self-taught studies at home.

How to Browse This Document

This document is intended to be a companion to the Introduction to Python course taught at Heroes Academy. For more information about Heroes Academy, please visit it here.

Below and to the left you will find the sections of this document. Each week there will be exercises to complete at home, as well as supplementary materials for further understanding and learning. Python has a rich suite of tools for problem solving and carrying out computational tasks. We will cover the fundamentals without delving too deeply into the more sophisticated features that require extra study.


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